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You are warmly welcomed to “graphitepanda”.


“graphitepanda” is developing with the concept of help and support for all, in all areas of photography and imaging. 


“photography, training, tips and trips” is a catch phrase and outlines the primary goals for establishing “graphitepanda’s” future.


I am Tom and the developer behind “graphitepanda”, I have many years experience as both a photographer and trainer, some twenty five in total. Studied photography in Glasgow, teaching in Bishop Auckland and have worked throughout the UK.  Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have taught many people from all over the world which has been both fascinating and very enjoyable. I have trained many subjects, some, weird and wonderful.

My forte and passion is photography and specialist imaging. I have developed many training courses, teaching sessions, interactive table top environments and virtual resources in the past years.

I invite you to join me as I evolve and expand with the following new projects.


Current and near future projects;


  • “Capture”                  - commission of photography, video , 360 imaging and Virtual Tours

  • "Gallery"                    - limited edition prints (Current Gallery is only a snapshot)

  • “Educate”                  - development of training packages

  • “Live-link”                 - development of online training and support mechanisms to promote knowledge and learning

  • “LB Photography”    - a book, unlocking the myths and mysteries created around photography, simplicity in itself

  • “Workflow”               - development of working practises, particularly in the area 360 virtual tours

  • "Solutions"                 - answers to problems you don't yet know you have

  • “Ogs”                           - Blogs and Vlogs

  • “Busmen’s”                - photographic trips

  • “Joy”                            - the crème de la crème of luxury photographic learning experiences

  • "Down the Rabbit Hole" is a looking at exhibiting bespoke virtual digital art using spacial sound altered perspectives to see the world through my bleary eyes

  • "Blind Photography" My aim is to work with different people to share the love and fear of different places through immersive spherical images and omidirectional/ spacial sound, in a virtual head space bringing together visually impaired and fully sighted people to work together on this project.


“graphitepanda” offers the opportunity to seek advice and help in many areas of imaging and photography.

You can contact me either from the e-mail address on my contact page or by giving me a call.

The site is under development but please feel free to have a look around and share with your friends.

If you have any questions don’t forget to contact me.


Thanks Tom


About "graphitepanda"

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