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When photographing a big cow

The highland cow is a magnificant beast anywhere, but on the Isle of Skye they are majestic, gentile creatures.

It is with patience and stealth that one approachs these horned ginger gems.

This particular soul allowed me to sit within touching distance to take this photograph, but it is to be remembered that at half a ton and an ability to top out at 20mph they are not to be upset by annoying tourists and photographers. I took ten minutes to get to where I took this photograph, through a field of twenty chilled out cows only to have the peace disturbed by a half witted tourist that had all twenty on the move as they stomped throught the heather bringing their carnage to tranquility.

The camera, the lens, the lighting may be your first thoughts when you take a photograph like this but for me, patience and appreciation of beauty is always the key for me.


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