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Starting your web site

Creating my own website has been daunting and if i said i was 10% on the way there i might have over estimated. I started with, what will I call it? now that was a dilemma of gargantuan proportions? thought about words that matched with initials, words that rolled off the tongue, words that had personal significance and words that related to activity. over and over again then screw it, i like pandas. my first teddy was a panda and they are black and white and i like black and white animals, graphite seamed to go well with panda and the domain was available. domains being available is not something you have control over and it can feel like everything's gone.

I messed about drawing pandas, i needed a logo i wanted branding I faffed and doodled then thought, stuff it that will do. Now this is almost impetuous for me but I liked it and it stood out. In my head the panda imagery would be stronger than than the words and it would be remembered readily. Then I had the dilemma of domain extension, and .com seamed like the obvious way to go, the other ones in my mind are all poor second places that coercive marketing would have us believe were needed. I choose mine so lets hope it works.

That was just the start. the mire of web builders, site hosts and companies that sell you domains is a real pain in the arse. the review companies appear to all be owned by one of these companies and you almost never hear the same comments twice. I looked at moon fruit, go daddy, weebly, site builder, wix, 123 reg, 1&1 and as far as I could see all offered products that I'm sure all work but decision making hear ain't easy. lots of miss truths and hidden pricing. then how long do I buy the domain for and why the different prices. it is a minefield of deception. I looked and and looked and read and swore then had a play about with several demo builders, many were poor and unresponsive and the one that appeared to get the best reviews just didn't work for me, go daddy didn't give the option of trying before buying and then thought stuff it I'm buying into wix because it is easy, not the cheapest, doesn't do everything, still has some hidden costs but i liked it like an old jumper, "just coz" and all the research went out the window. not that it was worth much due to the array of smoke and mirrors in the "I want a web site mine field".

So here I am and what you see now is a first, the fledgling flight of a gormless albatross, its not anywhere near a finished product, but I've started. i am looking at every website i like and like a nineties Japanese car company I'm going to take what i like from everywhere, and hopefully not make frankenstine the web site.

ill be back to discuss my progress, like me on face book coz you can.

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