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The Joys of Neist Point

Neist point is situated on the west of coast of Skye, it is about a half hour drive from Dunvegan on a bizarrely interesting single track road. Journey through Colbost to Glendale and onto Waterstein. Then your mini trek begins.

Be aware suicidal sheep wandering freely, and hide in wait for you turning corners. The wannabe rally drivers are equally dangerous in their white vans, and I have to question where the go or come from?

Furthermore an autumn or spring sunset will make the drive a blindingly perilous adventure so take the shades.

Neist Point is a great place to visit at any time of the year, it will probably take your breath away either with its mystical scenery or the walk back to the car. I would definitely recommend a wee visit. Since newly developing my aversion of people, hermit tendencies have found me fond of my off season excursions to Skye. I think the joy of escaping human beings does it. A new found selfishness has also found me asking, “Why share tranquillity when you can have it to yourself?” and I suppose the answer is, “You either get it, or you don’t!” Regardless Neist point has some hidden treasures. This wee hidden heaven is visited every year by travellers far and wide, and often in their wee tour buses, yet it still manages to give a fantastic feeling of isolation.

The most westerly point on the Isle of Skye has adorned the magnificent lighthouse that has kept many a sea farer safe for over 100 years. The blue sky and the scale of place will almost certainly inspire the city dweller. Although it is thought to be one of the best places on Skye to see the sea and its wonderful creatures. The several times I have visited did not present such fine animals as; the dolphin, porpoise, basking shark, gannets, guillemots, razorbills, shags or the many whales that are synonymous with the area, but as you can see though my labours up and down the path of the cliff has rewarded me with some of the finest views in the UK.

A visit here is good for the soul and a test of your fitness when you pass forty. However please note; never allow the beauty of the place to distract you from the inherent dangers of these magnificent cliffs, for these have tragically taken a number of lives over the years. The sheep wander round with ease and their four feet make them far more sure footed than you and I. Not that you would consider following them but take care and steer clear of the slippery edged overhangs hiding the treacherous precipice and massive drops to the rocks below.

Not to dwell, go visit, watch the sun go down, enjoy everything pale into significance, lose your thoughts and live for the moment. Soul food.

“You’ll either get it, or you won’t”

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